[Mailman-Users] cpu usage

Adam Kessel adam at rosi-kessel.org
Sat Feb 14 19:22:54 CET 2004

> I have scoured the archives and google for answer to my problem but
> none of the fixes I have found seem to work. I have mailman 2-1.1-91
> installed w/ postfix 1.1.12-12 on a Suse 8.2 box and qrunner/python is
> eating the cpu. Most of the posts I read describe this as a postfix
> problem and to change my local delivery code to 550 which I did but it
> hasn't helped. The system runs fine for a while but after a few hours
> qrunner/python cpu usage goes through the roof. In most cases this is
> with less than five emails in the queue.

I've got a similar situation here.  I'm running Debian sid: mailman
2.1.4-1 and postfix 1.1.11-0.woody3.  qrunner CPU usage seems to go
between 50-90%, and I'm not running any large lists (either in
subscribers or frequency of postings).  The machine should have
sufficient resources: 200M RAM and a PII 450MHz CPU.

Any ideas how to make mailman load more manageable?

I also noticed this Debian bug report, which suggests that there's
nothing that can be done:

Adam Kessel

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