[Mailman-Users] Mailman and OSX

Pam Imholz pimholz at d70.k12.il.us
Thu Feb 12 15:48:54 CET 2004

I understand that Mailman is built into OSX Panther server but will it 
work with 10.2.8 server as well if we download a copy? We are not yet 
ready to upgrade our mail server to panther but are seeking some tool 
to help us with managing groups on our email server.

Can you tell me if this is what Mailman does and if it would work for 
us with 10.2.8 server? Thanks,

Pam Imholz
Director of Technology
School District 70
1381 Lake Street
Libertyville, Il 60048

847-362-9695 (voice)
847-362-3003 (fax)


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