[Mailman-Users] Web and mail server on two different platforms

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Thu Feb 19 18:00:07 CET 2004

19-Feb-04 at 09:39, Yves Dorfsman (yves at zioup.com) wrote :
> I am trying to install mailman in an environment where the web server is
> running on Linux, and the mail server on OpenBSD.
> After several failures, here is my plan of attack:
> I plan to:
> -run ./configure on the web server all the way to make install
> -exact same thing on the mail server
> -share out /usr/local/mailman/data from the mail server via nfs
> -mount /usr/local/mailman/data from the mail server on the web server
> -keep Mailman/mm-cfg.py in sync on both machines.

You don't have to have the MTA on the same machine, you could make this
work over two machines. You will need to run an internal MTA on the
Mailman machine though, like Postfix, then use the outside MTA (OpenBSD)
as the relayhost for the Linux box.

Or do you have specific architecture considerations to take into account
that I'm not thinking about?


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