[Mailman-Users] ordinal not in range(128)

Stefan Knöß stefan.knoess at napro-software.de
Thu Feb 19 22:29:36 CET 2004

>> I am using Mailman 2.1.4 on Debian/Woody with python 2.1/2.2. When users send
>> a confirm email (eg subscription and approval) that contains international
>> characters like ößå I get the following error in mailman/log/error:

TH> Do those emails have the right MIME-Headers? If not, the clients that
TH> send them are broken - without that there must not be any characters
TH> other than 7bit-ASCII in the mail body or the headers.

Thanks for the hint about MIME-Headers. I have got a feeling of getting closer.
The mails that produce errors all have "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit" in the
mail header. But they are composed by different mail clients (eg "The Bat!", or
IMP/Horde webmail). I succeeded in reproducing the error with my own
mail-client. When the client is switched to "treat 8bit chars as quoted
printable" everything is fine. But 8bit encoding seemd to break my mailman. BTW:
the MTA is postfix 1.1.11 which is 8bitmime capable. So that should not be the
limiting problem. The problem is more that I am not very familiar with all that
MIME-stuff. Is there an easy way to make mailman ignore these strange 8bit
chars? Or maybe to convert to 7bit during delivery?

   Stefan Knöß

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