[Mailman-Users] Two Dumb Questions (but are easy): Manual? & Mail Commands Won't Work

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Feb 19 20:41:18 CET 2004

At 5:08 PM -0500 2004/02/12, Doug Piper wrote:

>  1. Is there a thorough manual on Mailman that I can download and print (so I
>  won't have to ask dumb questions)?

	What documentation that exists can be found at 
<http://www.list.org/>.  There is no "manual" that I know of.

>  2. My Mailman seems to be working fine except users aren't able to do the
>  following....nothing happens when an e-mail is sent to (name is just a
>  substitute for the URL). subscribe at name.com, unsubscribe at name.com
>  help at name.com , join at name.com, leave at name.com . Is this a setting needs
>  correcting?

	Try sending to listname-subscribe at name.com, etc....

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