[Mailman-Users] URLs for virutal host user option pages

Chris Lawson clawson at jungle.ca
Sat Feb 21 23:26:03 CET 2004

I am running mailman 2.1.2 on RH 8.0 and have several clients who host 
lists on their virtual domains.

I was customizing the HTML for the listinfo and user options pages, 
referencing a linked style sheet in their virtual server's root 
directory when I noticed that all the URLs on the pages were being 
built with my server's default domain name. So when a visitor visits 
their user options page, the link to the external style sheet fails.

I have set the list's preferred host name to the MX of virtual domain 
(atsu.org) and still the page is drawing the listinfo/atsuannounce page 
with my site's default host name in the form action.

I could use an absolute URL for the stylesheet reference in the virtual 
domain's template. But I don't like the idea of "changing domains" when 
submitting forms. It just looks a little hinky.

Am I missing something?


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