[Mailman-Users] logging problems

Al Black alblack at achilles.net
Fri Feb 27 05:30:54 CET 2004

Hi gang,

I'm trying to hunt down a logging problem.  I set up weekly log rotation, 
and it ran fine.  However in the two days subsequently, there been no 
further logging in the locks, post, qrunner, and smtp log files and there's 
been lots of traffic on the lists.

I can't think or see any reason why it should be a problem.  Maybe I 
clobbered the permissions, I touch all these files to make sure they exist 
before restarting mailmanctl.  Could some one send what the correct 
permission are?  Or even better yet, anyone have any ideas what the problem 
could be, or how to troubleshoot this one?

Thanks in advance.

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