[Mailman-Users] how to prevent postings with faked moderator emailadress

Tobias Bielohlawek ted42 at web.de
Fri Feb 27 21:31:27 CET 2004

Hi all!

thanks for you suggestion, but for me this is not very satisfying.
there must be an easier way without manually approving the posting!

George Theall solution to put a password to the header oder body
sounds very nice, but I don't get it work!

Any Docs or FAQ  on this topic out there?

I mean nearly every moderated list has this problem!!


On Feb 27, 2004, at 19:02 Uhr, John Dell wrote:

> Brad Knowles wrote:
>> At 2:36 PM +0100 2004/02/27, Tobias Bielohlawek wrote:
>>>  But as you know, emailadresses can be faked and so it is possible 
>>> that
>>>  somebody else  can post to the list.
>>     Yup.
>>>  Is there any way to make the list more secure?
>>     I think there were some PGP signing hacks made a long time ago, 
>> but I don't think they've been updated in years.  You'd probably have 
>> to either bring them up-to-date, or downgrade your mailman 
>> installation severely.
>>>  e.g. the moderator has to put a password into his posting or 
>>> subject!?
>>     Other than the PGP handling, I'm not aware of anything.
> we had that problem, so I made it so every posting has to be manually 
> approved by the moderator (including postings from the moderator!). 
> IOW, everybody gets the moderator bit set.  Fortunately, this only 
> happened on a low-volume announce only list.

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