[Mailman-Users] manually set to bouncing?

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Sun Jan 4 02:56:49 CET 2004

      Apparently the folks over at sbcglobal.net have not been informed 
there are standard ways to do things like send over quote mail bounces.  As 
a result I am getting a slew of uncaught bounce messages.  I'd like to 
manually set the member to bouncing rather than just putting them to NoMail 
- that way they would get the notices, and get disabled if they continue to 
bounce.   Neither the FAQ, archives or Google were of help, so I thought 
I'd try here before I dig into the code.
      I did see one mention by Jon Carns of modifying the bounce handlers 
to catch these, is there anything on that?

      Mailman 2.1.2. TIA,

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