[Mailman-Users] default_member_moderation flag

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Wed Jan 7 20:05:42 CET 2004

mailman at climber.org (steve) scripsit/wrote:

> One of the FAQs mentions
> the default_member_moderation flag, but that (and other) flags don't
> seem to be documented anywhere??

The flags' documentation is linked from the admin pages.

|  default_member_moderation (privacy): By default, should new list
|  member postings be moderated?
|  Each list member has a moderation flag which says whether messages
|  from the list member can be posted directly to the list, or must
|  first be approved by the list moderator. When the moderation flag is
|  turned on, list member postings must be approved first. You, the list
|  administrator can decide whether a specific individual's postings
|  will be moderated or not. 
|  When a new member is subscribed, their initial moderation flag takes
|  its value from this option. Turn this option off to accept member
|  postings by default. Turn this option on to, by default, moderate
|  member postings first. You can always manually set an individual
|  member's moderation bit by using the membership management screens.


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