[Mailman-Users] Complex HTML Question

James Currie james at ontaponline.com
Thu Jan 8 18:10:43 CET 2004

Hopefully I'm just missing something simple here, but can Mailman handle
complex HTML messages? I have a weekly newsletter that goes out to approx.
15,000 readers of our magazine that is delivered in complex HTML format only
(a text alternative simply provides the url to view the newsletter online).
When I send via Mailman, all I get is RTF (bold, colors, etc. come through,
not tables, images, etc.). I'm running Mailman on a Mac G4 with OS X Server
10.3.2 and Postfix as the MTA. Other than this everything seems to work
perfectly so I'm hoping there's a simple fix.
Oh, I'm sending via Entourage using the send complex HTML applescript (which
works fine with everything but Mailman), and have tried using a few
different email clients just in case it was an Entourage issue. Content
filtering is currently off, although I have also tried with it on, convert
HTML parts to Text off, and pass throughs for text/html,
mulitpart/alternative and a few others.
Thanks for any help, and again, if it turns out to be a Mailman issue, if
anyone can point me in the direction of a workaround I would greatly
appreciate it.
On Tap Magazine
tel: 703.465.0500
fax: 703.465.0400
IM: ontapdc

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