[Mailman-Users] Re: Mailman-Users Digest, Vol 16, Issue 26

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Mon Jan 12 18:23:26 CET 2004

12-Jan-04 at 12:12, Rob (rob at regionalhelpwanted.com) wrote :
> When I get the bounce action notification I take the email address put it in
> a text file( one per row) then cut and paste into mass removal and hit  the
> submit changes button. I just did 150 of them, this morning. I'd love it if
> anyone has a script to generate this text file for me. But for now it works
> ok. My list only has 36000 subscribers so far, so I deal with this twice a
> week. Right now it's manageable to do it manually.

Here's how I handle this kind of thing:

All bounces go into a separate folder which is standard mbox (because I
use a Linux console based mail tool "mutt"). 

That folder is then scanned by a PERL script I borrowed and customised
to recognise more bounces and to give different output from its original
source. It would be trivial for it to recognise and parse emails from
Mailman bounce notifications, and it also recognises Exchange bounces,
Postfix, Qmail, Exim, and a few freemail bounce type reports as well as
generic RFC compliant bounce messages.

Then this PERL script outputs a text file with the format:

"email_address", "bounce_reason"

Again it would be trivial to get this to just give 


as output instead.

If you don't have access to Linux command line tools for manipulating
mailboxes it would be a lot of mucking about to get it working in
Windows, though I dare say that with PC Pine, Active PERL and a bit of
patience you could get somewhere.


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