[Mailman-Users] Re: 4 things:

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Mon Jan 12 19:59:36 CET 2004

At 12:04 PM -0600 2004/01/12, Paul H Byerly wrote:

>       That would make a mess of time stamps, especially on an
>  international list.

	Or any list spanning multiple timezones.

>                       Maybe it would be better to override the
>  sending time stamp only when it's, say, 2 days or more away
>  from the Mailman server time?

	To really do it properly, you'd have to parse the date/time 
stamps on every hop that the message passed through, converting them 
all back to a common baseline (presumably something like UTC).  When 
the "Date:" header is out-of-whack in comparison to the date/time 
stamps in the "Received:" headers, then it could be corrected 
(re-converted to the appropriate timezone, of course).

	But what would you do if some of the "Received:" headers agreed 
reasonably closely with the "Date:" header, and some didn't?  How 
would you tell what might have been forged versus what might have 
been caused by a server being down for a few days, or whatever?

	Fundamentally, I do not think that this is a solvable problem, or 
that much effort should be expended in attempting to solve it.

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