[Mailman-Users] no subjects in pipermail archive listing

Guy Antony Halse g.halse at ru.ac.za
Wed Jan 14 09:56:59 CET 2004

On Wed 2003-12-24 (11:33), Simon White wrote:
> However there should be a way to parse the lines a bit better. The From
> lines usually contain a date (should be an RFC formatted date string,
> don't remember which RFC) and so on.

I found a reasonably simple solution to this, although it is probably
somewhat of a hack.  I've replaced references to PortableUnixMailbox in
Mailman/Mailbox.py with UnixMailbox.

Looking at the source code for the python mailbox modules,
PortableUnixMailbox simply checks that the first five characters of the line
are 'From ', while UnixMailbox does a long complicated regex.

This solution might not be portable (as its name suggests), but it seems to
work for our MTA (exim).  At least I don't have (no subject) in my archives
any more.

- Guy
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