[Mailman-Users] pending subscriptions sent to -owner address not -admin address

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Jan 14 17:18:22 CET 2004

I'm running MM 2.1.2.  On one list which has three admins, all pending
subscription messages appear to be going to the -owner address (just me)
instead of the -admin address (all three of us).  Any ideas where to look
for an answer?  I checked the MM FAQ Wizard.  It appears that question 3.27
addresses this, but there's no answer posted.  I also googled the archives
but couldn't find anything obvious.  Here are my sendmail aliases:

    cedu-admin:        "|/etc/smrsh/mailman admin cedu"
    cedu-bounces:      "|/etc/smrsh/mailman bounces cedu"
    cedu-confirm:      "|/etc/smrsh/mailman confirm cedu"
    cedu-join:         "|/etc/smrsh/mailman join cedu"
    cedu-leave:        "|/etc/smrsh/mailman leave cedu"
    cedu-owner:        "|/etc/smrsh/mailman owner cedu"
    cedu-request:      "|/etc/smrsh/mailman request cedu"
    cedu-subscribe:    "|/etc/smrsh/mailman subscribe cedu"
    cedu-unsubscribe:  "|/etc/smrsh/mailman unsubscribe cedu"

I suppose I could try changing cedu-owner to be an alias for cedu-admin.  Do
others do that?


Skip Montanaro
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