[Mailman-Users] Problems with Mailman.....

Chris Wagner ismgr at atchisonkansas.net
Wed Jan 14 19:58:03 CET 2004

Yellow Dog Linux 3.0
Postfix 1.1.11
Mailman 2.0.13

I'm experiencing some oddities with Mailman on our setup. I am new to 
Mailman, so the configuration we have setup is very simple with few 

I can create new lists with the newlist list_name command and mailman 
walks me through the setup and spits out the stuff for /etc/aliases, 
which I drop into /etc/postfix/aliases.

Postfix on this machine is accepting mail for our local domain 
(atchisonkansas.net) and passing on mail to external domains with no 
issues as fas as I know.....

We're running named on this setup and resolving mail.atchisonkansas.net 
and www.atchisonkansas.net to this machine as well, and when I setup the 
new lists, the only thing I really have done is to set the type of list 
to member_posting_only and add the users in the web interface.

When I send a test message to the mailbox associated with list, I can 
see the postfix transaction (following with tail -f /var/log/maillog in 
a shell) and postfix seems to accept the mail, but then the mail never 
is passed on.....

That said, where does Mailman fit in all this and how can I troubleshoot 
this problem?

I've checked in /var/log/mailman/error and there was nothing in there 
that indicated any problem with mail transport....

Any ideas are very much appreciated.....



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