[Mailman-Users] header_filter_rules processing order?

Eric D. Christensen edc at proadmin.com
Thu Jan 15 16:35:20 CET 2004

My MTA is configured run messages through Spamassassin and tag messages
above a certain threshold with an "X-Spam:  YES" header. 

I've added that header line (excatly as type between the quotes above"
to the header_filter_rules to discard, but it doesn't seem to trigger.
Spam tagged messages still end up held as "Post by non-member to a
members-only list".

Using 2.1.4 of course...

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here, but shouldn't the
header_filter_rules be enforced first in the chain?

Eric D. Christensen <edc at proadmin.com>
Proadmin, Inc.

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