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Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
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Green tea wrote:
> Firstly thanks a lot fr getting bak this quik...appreciate this

Sure, no problem.  Please reply to the list so that others may benefit
from the discussion and offer help as well.

> secondly...shud i compain this to my internet provider or hosting
> provider and i wasnt getting this earlier its juts a couple of days
> tht i m geting this so is thr any option i can fix this myself
> instead of askin fr any help frm them as i know tht wun do much fr
> me but just waiting...thank you again...

Yes, complain to your hosting company.  They must have done some
upgrades to the mailman package from cPanel recently.  I do know that
there is a fix from cPanel for this, but I know nothing about what
needs done to get it.

I have tried many times to contact cPanel and request that they
provide a link to their version of mailman so that we could look over
the changes they've made.  They have ignored me and brushed off my
requests.  They are not being good folks here.  They are using GPL'd
software and that license requires them to provide the source code
changes they make back to the rest of us so we may see and possibly
benefit from their modifications.

I recently setup a test box where I did a basic cPanel install and
diffed things.  I have to get around to looking at the diff and
posting it someplace so that others can have a good look at what
they've changed.  Other responsibilities have kept me from getting
around to that though.

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