[Mailman-Users] Problem with Mailinglist

Debbie Corbin debbie at actormail.com
Thu Jan 15 20:31:21 CET 2004


I am the webdesigner for http://www.curve-style.com and we setup a
mailinglist in late December 2003.  Yesterday, Jan 15th, the moderator
uploaded (for the 2nd time) approximately 350 email addresses to the list
and for some reason the list went crazy!  Sending hundreds of duplicate
emails to everybody on the list.  I (just now) deleted the list because of
the many complaints.

We had wanted to setup the list so that the moderator could only SEND
messages not allowing group discussion so that the clients (all met in real
life) who wanted to be informed about trends in fashion pertaining to the
plus-sized market (full figured women's clothing market) could receive ...
my question is: was/is it not possible to setup the list so that it would be
only sending messages?  Also, why were messages being duplicated??

I have many questions about why this didn't work for us and I've reviewed
the guide again and again in hopes of finding answers but for now, could you
just reply and possibly give me a clue about what could've gone so terribly

Debbie Corbin
webmaster at curve-style.com
debbie at actormail.com

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