[Mailman-Users] images embedded in html: inline vs. attached

ryan ryan at ipa.darktech.org
Sat Jan 17 08:23:53 CET 2004

Hi Jeff,

A good point, but that doesn't explain the behavior.  Yes, the test
message was the *exact* same as the real one.  The content was the same,
and the filesize was the same.  Also, I had already set the max message
size to 1024 KB (1 MB), and the messages were only 130 KB.

Thanks for the comment though.

Any other ideas?


On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Jeff D wrote:

> I think there is a size threshold on messages that if you exceed that
> size, you might get this behavior. Look through the settings from
> something along the lines of a "max message size". Was your test message
> the same as your real one, or was the one to the larger list bigger, i.e.
> have more content?
> That is my only theory. Hope that helps.

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