[Mailman-Users] URL_HOST per list

Dirk Försterling r at zorbla.de
Sat Jan 17 16:27:01 CET 2004

Unfortunately, this doesn't work, because changing this option doesn't
rewrite the postfix virtual maps. They are always created using the
DEFAULT_* settings. (See my messages some days ago)

With your suggested setting, e-mails to the list would be accepted by
mailman, but postfix never forwards them to mailman, because of the
initially wrong created virtual definitions. The "Host name this list
prefers for email" also cures the problem of the wrong URI used in the
web interface in those places where it fell back to the default name.

So my question remains unanswered: How to create mailman mailing lists
for different virtual domains using mailman and postfix just using the
web interface?


List Manager wrote:
> See my message yesterday:
> In General Options, go down a few more slots to this:
> --------------------------------------
> Host name this list prefers for email.
> (Details for host_name)
> --------------------------------------
>>Linda Pahdoco wrote:
>>>When you create the list, create it as "listname at preferredhost.tld"
>>>instead of just as "listname".
>>How can this be done with the web interface? I only get a message that
>>a list must not contain a "@".

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