[Mailman-Users] URL_HOST per list

Dirk Försterling r at zorbla.de
Sat Jan 17 17:42:34 CET 2004

Todd wrote:
> Dirk Försterling wrote:
>>So my question remains unanswered: How to create mailman mailing lists
>>for different virtual domains using mailman and postfix just using the
>>web interface?
> You should have VIRTUAL_HOSTS set properly, using add_virtual_host()
> as well as POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS.  Then you should be able to
> visit the list creation page using the URL associated with the virtual
> domain for which you want to create the list.

As posted earlier, I already did this. But independent from the virtual
domain of the web server, the creation page only creates postfix virtual
maps (in /path/to/mailman/data/virtual-mailman) for the first/DEFAULT domain
added  using add_virtual_host(). I have something like this:

POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS = ['domain1.tld','domain2.tld','domain3.tld']
MTA = 'Postfix'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'domain1.tld'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'domain1.tld'
add_virtualhost('domain2.tld', 'domain2.tld');
add_virtualhost('domain3.tld', 'domain3.tld');

If I understood it correctly, the add_virtualhost() functions do the same as
setting VIRTUAL_HOSTS= directly. I also tied this, which didn't change
Apache is set up with one virtual host per domain with mailman stuff added
according to the docs like this:

     ScriptAlias "/mailman/" "/path/to/mailman/cgi-bin/"
     <Directory "/path/to/mailman/cgi-bin/">
         AllowOverride None
         Options None
         Order allow,deny
         Allow from all
     Alias "/pipermail/" "/path/to/mailman/archives/public/"
     <Directory "/path/to/mailman/archives/public/">
         Options FollowSymLinks
         AddDefaultCharset Off

If I create a mailing list using any of the domains, for example
http://domain3.tld/mailman/create, the virtual-mailman file
always gets created using "domain1.tld", looking like this:

listname at domain1.tld              listname
listname-admin at domain1.tld        listname-admin
listname-bounces at domain1.tld      listname-bounces
listname-confirm at domain1.tld      listname-confirm
listname-join at domain1.tld         listname-join
listname-leave at domain1.tld        listname-leave
listname-owner at domain1.tld        listname-owner
listname-request at domain1.tld      listname-request
listname-subscribe at domain1.tld    listname-subscribe
listname-unsubscribe at domain1.tld  listname-unsubscribe

No option of the mailman web interface seems to be able to change this. What
else can I try?


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