[Mailman-Users] Welcome email

Bill Sholar bill at sholar.com
Tue Jan 20 15:26:36 CET 2004

We have mailman on a dedicated server which hosts several domains.

Domain owners creating a new mailman list get a welcome email that inserts
the server name where you'd expect the relevant domain name .... Such as
links to http://server.serverdomain.com/mailman/admin/newlist_userdomain.com
instead of http://userdomain.com/mailman/admin/newlist_userdomain.com (which
does work, but is not how it should display), and email addresses such as
newlist_userdomain.com.com-request at server.serverdomain.com (which does NOT
work) instead of newlist_userdomain.com.com-request at userdomain.com.

Any suggestions?  Thanks much!

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