[Mailman-Users] 2 mailman instances with postfix

Mike Williams mikew at halecentretheatre.org
Tue Jan 20 18:18:38 CET 2004

> I thought about using the same alias-File for all mailman
> installations..., but I don't know how mailman checks if a list
> allready exists or not. Is mailman only searching through the alias
> file to check if a list allready exists or is a database used, where
> the listnames and other things are stored. Is the alias file checked
> first and would a new list only be created, if the name for a new list
> isn't found in the alias file...
> I think I have to take a look in the mailman code :-(. Or do you have
> anny hints?
> Regards,
> Schoeppi

Last time I looked at this, Mailman checked for the existence of a
config file in the ~mailman/lists/<listname>/ directory.  If no
config.db, config.pck, or config.bak existed in this directory then it
created the <listname>.

It did not check the aliases files.

(Apologies to Jon Carnes. I meant to reply to the list)
My understanding is that the MTA checks the alias file and sends the
mesage to the appropriate Mailman install, according to the alias file.
Here's my question: How do you install multiple instances of Mailman?
I'm using SuSE Professional 8.1 with Mailman 2.0.13 and would like to
install 2.1.4 concurrently.

Mike Williams

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