[Mailman-Users] How to block spiders?

Paul F. Williams paul.williams at uwex.edu
Wed Jan 21 17:25:04 CET 2004

We are running mailman-2.1.1-4 on Redhat 9.

How can I block spiders from indexing
the public archives on our site?

Normally with an apache web server you can
just place a robots.txt file in the root of
the documents directory.  Not sure how one might be
able to do this with mailman.

When you take a look at the archives for a list, one sees


Since there isn't a pipermail directory, one can't just place
a robots.txt file in that directory.  Perhaps one could put
a robots.txt file in each list directory, but that would take
a lot of work with many lists and you would need to update
it all the time as new lists get added.

Suggestions, clarifications, or explanations are more than welcome.



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