[Mailman-Users] Anyone move their mailman to different server?

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Wed Jan 21 18:58:51 CET 2004

At 12:16 PM -0500 2004/01/21, Mark London wrote:

>  I've seen a bunch of people asking about how to do a move to a
>  different server (with a different IP name), but no one ever answers
>  them!  Has anyone actually done it?  I'm keeping the same path names
>  for everything, but the lists don't show up on the web interface (I
>  can create a list and that works fine).  Thanks!

	I'm going to be moving some lists later this month.  I imagine it 
should be pretty easy -- I won't try to copy any of the existing 
mailman configuration files, merely replicate them (as appropriate) 
on the new server.  I will also make a few modifications to them, as 
I set them up.  For one thing, all interactions with mailman will now 
be SSL-encrypted.

	Once the lists are up and tested and shown to be running 
correctly, it should be a simple matter to turn off the old server, 
change the aliases to forward to the new one, change the MX records, 
turn the old server back one, and import the old archives while 
waiting for everyone to pick up the DNS changes.

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