[Mailman-Users] From field displayed by MS Outlook

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Wed Jan 21 22:09:02 CET 2004

"Jon Stethridge" schrieb:

> I think like so many others I am effected by the from: address being
> incorrectly reported in Outlook.  I am guessing since nothing has been
> posted to the list this is still a current problem.

If it is a problem, it's not a problem with Mailman.

> I can report that the
> latest version of Outlook 2003 reports:
>  <mailto:listname-bounces at mailman.server.com>
> listname-bounces at mailman.server.com On behalf of
> <mailto:name at poster.domain.com> name at poster.domain.com

Ugly - but Outlook. :)

> I don't really want to ditch mailman but I don't have any alternative as
> this is unacceptable to our customers. Any feedback on how others are
> dealing with this much appreciated.

Don't use Outlook if you don't like the way it mangles From: and
Sender: together.


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