[Mailman-Users] Anyone move their mailman to different server?

Mark London mrl at psfc.mit.edu
Wed Jan 21 23:21:27 CET 2004

At 2:56 PM -0500 1/21/04, Jon Carnes wrote:
>On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 12:16, Mark London wrote:
>>  I've seen a bunch of people asking about how to do a move to a
>>  different server (with a different IP name), but no one ever answers
>>  them!  Has anyone actually done it?  I'm keeping the same path names
>>  for everything, but the lists don't show up on the web interface (I
>  > can create a list and that works fine).  Thanks!
>Many of those folks have been answered, but when the question and answer
>have been in the FAQ for a Long Long time, we old-time Mailman guru's
>often ignore the question.
>It's trivial to move to another server. If you keep the same domain name
>(and host name) it's even more trivial.
>If your host name changes then in version 2.1.x you need to use the
>Mailman command "fix_url" in conjunction with withlist:
>   ~mailman/bin/withlist -l -r fix_url <mylistname> -u <my.new.url>

Hi - THANKS!  Unfortunately, that information is not in the FAQ file 
which comes with the source distribution. Also, the online mailman 
wizard basically doesn't give you that information also.  The only 
relevant topic there is "How do I
migrate a list from one box to another?", but unfortunately, the 
answer to that topic has never been filled in!  Still under 
construction.  Even if you do a search for fix_url, the only relevant 
topic is "Where can I change a list or the default URL used for the 
web interface?"  Most of that topic talks about virtual hosts, and 
the information about fix_url only occurs way at the end of the 
answer, and only briefly described in the following sentence: "If you 
want to update existing lists the $prefix/bin/withlist script 
$prefix/bin/fix_url.py is your friend for resetting things. Just run 
fix_url.py to get its usage"   This sentence only makes sense to me, 
after reading your email message! :)

And then try using google to search for "moving mailman" or "move 
mailman" or "migrating mailman".   The information about fix_url is 
basically not there.

So basically someone finally has to answer the unanswered topic in 
the FAQ wizard. :)   -Mark

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