[Mailman-Users] From field displayed by MS Outlook

Brendan Pratt bpratt at overflow.net.au
Thu Jan 22 02:37:39 CET 2004

Hi Brad,
At 10:33 AM 22/01/04, you wrote:
>At 5:56 PM -0600 2004/01/21, Linda Pahdoco wrote:

>>  So I'm supposed to tell my client "Just tell the hundreds of corporate
>>  people who belong to your mailing list to not use outlook?"

>>  We're looking for a real life answer, not a perfect world one.

>         I can't imagine that Mailman would be the only offender that your 
> corporate people would complain about, and once you "fix" Mailman, what 
> do you tell them about all the other bazillion places on the Internet 
> that do the same thing?  If you fix this one thing, they're going to 
> expect you to fix everything else, too.

Perhaps someone out there could put together a list of very specific bugs 
with Microsoft lookOut and lookOut Express, in a bug report format, and 
then place it online somewhere so that we could all direct our clients to. 
This way the client can then post an appropriate BUG report to microsoft in 
order to get them to fix up their buggy clients.

All the Admins in the world can't do much, but if all our clients report 
via an appropriate looking BUG report format, then they can not simply 
ignore their BUGS anymore.

>         Perhaps a better option would be to see if there is a way to 
> modify Outlook so that it doesn't do this kind of stupidity, or to use 
> the built-in scripting features to change this header to something else.

Not a good idea, as it will cause client troubles down the track.

Keep their clients as 'standard' as possible, because a little bit of 
knowledge can be a very dangerous thing in the hands of some of our 
customers !!!  :-)

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