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Rabinowitz, Ari (Exchange) AriMR at bear.com
Thu Jan 22 06:00:21 CET 2004

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> >What is wrong with the mailman authors making their product superior
> >enough to compensate for Microdummies poor programing and faulty RFC
> >interpretation?
Mailman is doing the right thing, by specifying the Sender address as 
the list bounce address so that bounces go there, and the From: address
as the author of the message.  Unfortunately, Microsoft in its latest 
versions of Outlook has decided to show both the Sender: and the From:
addresses in the From: field so that it is easier to notice spam with
forged From: headers.  The two desires, to have bounces go to a different
address than replies and to display both the Sender address and the 
From: address conflict.

There is no way for the Mailman developers to fix this, since if they 
didn't have the Sender address be the list bounce address then all of
Mailman's bounce handling would no longer work, and the author of the
message would get flooded with bounces that they don't care about and
cant do anything about.

The fix would have to be for Outlook to have an option to not display the
Sender address in some cases, which is a fix that Microsoft would have to do.

Sorry, but this isn't something that the Mailman developers can do anything about.

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