[Mailman-Users] Sendmail to Postfix

Remko Lodder remko at elvandar.org
Thu Jan 22 09:46:51 CET 2004

I think that will break,

Possibly the Mailman wrapper says, hey i am started with the GID (nobody in
my case)
instead of mailman... please change --with-mail-gid="$PostfixGID" so that i
start working.

Mailman mail-wrapper: Group mismatch error.  Mailman expected the mail
wrapper script to be executed as group "mailman", but the system's mail
server executed the mail script as group "nobody".  Try tweaking the mail
server to run the script as group "mailman", or re-run configure,  providing
the command line option `--with-mail-gid=nobody'

I had the same issue and that is a live example (Only i used another group)

Hope this helps a bit


Kind regards,

Remko Lodder
www.mostly-harmless.nl Dutch community for helping newcomers on the

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Onderwerp: Re: [Mailman-Users] Sendmail to Postfix

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 21:53, T. Glen Haggard wrote:
> What would I have to do to switch from Sendmail to Postfix? Would have to
> re-install Mailman or can I just switch remove Sendmail and install
> Glen
Postfix is pretty much a drop and insert replacement for Sendmail. You
need to install Postfix, get it running as the local MTA with
appropriate rights and then move your Mailman aliases over to a separate
aliases file ~mailman/data/aliases that is owned by user/group mailman.
Then tell Postfix about both the /etc/aliases database and the
~mailman/data/aliases database.

Next you need to rerun ./configure and tell it that the mail cgi's will
be run by the group "mailman" rather than "mail".
  ./configure  --with-mail-gid=mailman

Then run make install.  That should update the cgi's and not disturb
your lists at all.

In your ~mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py file you might also want to change
the value of MTA to "Postfix" so that it integrates with Postfix nicely:
       MTA = 'Postfix'

The README.POSTFIX also has some relevant settings that will help you
transition to Postfix smoothly.

Good Luck - Jon Carnes

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