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See below:
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> At 02:32 PM 22/01/04, gagel at cnc.bc.ca wrote:
> >What is wrong with the mailman authors making their product
> superior >enough to compensate for Microdummies poor programing and
> faulty RFC >interpretation?
> What is wrong with this idea, is that it means Mailman is going
> against the  RFC that it currently obeys, to work with something
> that is broken.
> What should happen is get the broken package fixed, rather than make
> a  unbroken package broken.
I agree, in a perfect and ideal world that is what should happen.
Unfortunatly for all of us, we don't live in it.

I have no issue with a position that says "we won't change it to work
with a broken client", nor with a position that says "we will change
it to compensate for Outlooks defects".

I just think its sad that Mailman may be tossed because of a hardline
position, thats all.

At any rate, I get to much email from my lists. Lets kill this off as
Off Topic.

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