[Mailman-Users] Multiple virtual hosts

Jesse Burkhardt jesse at skybuilders.com
Thu Jan 22 18:23:52 CET 2004

Also, continuing on from my previous post, does anyone know how to make 
various virtual hosts appear as the unique host name when in use in a 
specific list.

I am supporting various lists, each associated with a different domain, 
but all supported on the same Mailman server. I would like each list to 
have its own URL and HOST references. I have created various subdomains 
in the form of lists.domain1.com, lists.domain2.com, etc. Each of these 
subdomains has IP A recs resolving to the same Mailman server. Naturally 
I would like each list to use the associated subdomain reference as its 
particular URL base and HOST name.

Any ideas? Thanks.


 Jesse Burkhardt, Cambridge MA
 jesse at skybuilders.com  (w) 617-876-5680
 goose at aerogoose.com    (h) 617-354-5523

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