[Mailman-Users] Too Many Headers

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Sat Jan 24 00:56:23 CET 2004

At 5:15 PM -0600 2004/01/23, Dan Phillips wrote:

>  Regardless of the question of the default status, I'm sure many of
>  us would like to be able to tell our users how to hide them. Can
>  you enlighten us, please? :-) This is something else that maybe
>  should go into the FAQ, since it's been a fairly common complaint
>  from my users and as a non-Eudora user I can't help them.

	I think the problem is that the "Esoteric Settings" plug-in is 
not installed by default.  It is included with the package, however.

	For MacOS X users with Eudora 6, the following instructions should work:

		1.  If you have the Eudora icon in your dock, control-click
			on the icon and select "Show in Finder".

			Otherwise, find the original application icon where
			Eudora was installed.

		2.  Control-click on the Eudora icon and select
			"Show Package Contents".

		3.  In the folder that was opened, double-click on the
			"Contents" sub-folder to open it.

		4.  In the "PlugIns Disabled" sub-folder, you should find
			a plug-in called "Esoteric Settings 6.0".  You need to
			move this plug-in to the "PlugIns" folder.

		5.  Once the Esoteric Settings plug-in is in the correct
			folder, close the various finder windows and sub-folders,
			and restart Eudora.

		6.  Once restarted, select "Settings..." from the "Special"

		7.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the list of different
			settings sub-categories.  You will see the familiar ones,
			but down below you should see a lot of new ones that you
			had never encountered before.  They will have names like
			"Toolbar on Steriods", "Really Miscellaneous", and
			"Boring Headers".

		8.  Select the "Boring Headers" icon, and add "List-" to the
			list of headers that will be omitted from the standard

		9.  Click on "OK", and the "Settings..." pane should go away.

		10.  Open a message that previously displayed the headers
			that you do not want to see, and see if the issue has
			been resolved.

			Note that if you want to make appropriate use of the
			"List-" headers after this change, you will have to click
			on the "BLAHBLAHBLAH" icon in order to see all the
			headers from the message.

	I still think this sort of thing is a bad idea for most users. 
If they didn't know about the "Esoteric Settings" plug-in and how to 
make advanced use like this of their MUA, I do not believe that they 
are likely to be sufficiently knowledgeable to properly handle the 
situation if there are problems.

	The "Esoteric Settings" stuff gives you a lot of powerful ammo 
that you can use to blow off your entire leg, much less shoot off 
your foot.  Users should not be encouraged to play with this sort of 
stuff unless they are qualified to do so, and if they were qualified 
to do so then you shouldn't need to be the one to give them this kind 
of information.

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