[Mailman-Users] Can I set up a user-friendly write-to address?

Lee lee_19712003 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 14:20:01 CET 2004


I have Mailman installed as a standard option on my
web host, but the only thing stopping me from moving
over to it is the way the write-to email address is
configured, which I feel is far too complicated for my
users to grapple with.

Here's how my list's address gets set up :

 incel_incelsite.com at incelsite.com

where 'incel' is my chosen list name and
'incelsite.com' is my primary domain on that web

I need to have the write-to address as simply :

incel at incelsite.com

Is there any way I can do this, maybe through an alias
or forwarding?
I've fiddled around but have had no success.

In case it's relevant, I would need the list to be
available to subscribers only, so we keep the option
of blocking any potential troublemakers.

Incidentally, 'incel' also happens to be the user name
of that web account. This means that my 'ideal' list
write-to address (above) would actually be the same as
my account's default mail address. I don't know if
this itself would cause me any trouble.
If it would, I could obviously slightly re-set things
to make the list write-to address something like :

incel1 at incelsite.com

many thanks for any help,



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