[Mailman-Users] Two problems with 2.1.3

Mark Leisher mleisher at crl.NMSU.Edu
Tue Jan 27 16:06:58 CET 2004

Erick Mechler wrote:
> :: 2. Critical. Since rebooting a couple days ago, mailman can no longer write 
> :: in the subdirectories of qfiles/ despite both owner and group being mailman.
> Is the qrunner process running with the right UID/GID?  I'd check your 
> startup script.

It is running with UID/GID both set to mailman.

> :: Another oddity is that the lock files in locks/ are being created with a 
> :: date 24 hours in the future no matter what the system clock says.
> Is NFS involved?

No.  Everything is local to this machine except for NIS info.
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