[Mailman-Users] Can I set up a user-friendly write-to address?

Lee lee_19712003 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 16:43:05 CET 2004

hello Todd,

thanks - yes, that's interesting - my access is via

hmmm - it sounds like I'm stuck with it then. I'll ask
the support team at my host anyway, who are genuinely
very helpful with most things.

I don't suppose you know of a way to configure my
mailman without cpanel? I'm guessing I could install a
fresh source but would have access trouble to any
necessary root directories for set up.

Many thanks,


--- Todd <Freedom_Lover at pobox.com> wrote: > -----> 
> Sounds like you're hosted on a site using cPanel. 
> See the archives
> for how well regarded the cPanel patches to mailman
> are around here.
> Then complain to your host.  This is not a mailman
> issue.
> > I need to have the write-to address as simply :
> >
> > incel at incelsite.com
> This is how mailman does it by default.  The cPanel
> folks muck up the
> mailman source and then inflict it on the world. 
> They don't even have
> the courtesy to make the changes easily available so
> that someone
> could fix the things they break in the process.

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