[Mailman-Users] removing members who aren't on the list ???

Heather Skojec hskojec at admin.fsu.edu
Thu Jan 29 14:32:11 CET 2004


I'm the list administrator for a listserv that goes out weekly to about
2000 email addresses.  Each week I receive about 15-20 bounced emails.
When I try to remove them from the list, the address listed is not
subscribed.  I assume that this means the listserv email is forwarded to
the email address that isn't working.  Is there anyway to find out what
the original email address is so that I can remove these from the
subscribers list?

Thanks for your help.

Hillary Edwards
Program Assistant
Center for Civic Ed. and Service
Florida State University
850 644-3342
hedwards at admin.fsu.edu

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