[Mailman-Users] Mailman Install - Virtuals

Ryan ryan at regger.org
Wed Jan 28 23:20:06 CET 2004

I've just installed mailman and I'm not sure where "The web page for users of your mailing list" (the link in the email received when creating a new list) is in relationship to the $prefix directory. 
Also, do I have to create any virtuals for admin web pages or archives or any others? I've read and reread the install doc several times and haven't seen anything indicating that I need to. 
I have made a few virtuals just to try to narrow it down and check them out from a web page. One to the $prefix/templates, $prefix/lists, and the $prefix/public directory (which has soft links pointing towards the lists in the private directory). In the lists that are in the private directory, each has a config.pck, config.pck.last, or request.db. I'm thinking maybe I'm not browsing the correct directory.
Please shed some light.

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