[Mailman-Users] mailman and courier

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Thu Jul 1 22:17:23 CEST 2004

I'm using mailman as a list server with courier as my MTA.  The mailman user
is in /etc/passwd as belonging to primary group 'mailman'.  Mailman is
compiled with --with-mail-gid set to the group of the mail user.  This is
set to 'courier' which works for most purposes, both posting and handling
bounces from list posts.
The one exception to this is the monthly password reminder postings which go
out with an address of "mailman-bounces+<VERP address>@bailey.fmp.com" as
the envelope sender, and if they bounce they come back to this address.
Courier delivers them to the mailman account where I have a .courier-default
file to pass them to a python script for processing.  Unlike list posts and
list post bounces, however, the delivering process runs as user mailman,
group mailman, and mailman rejects them because the group id of the
delivering process doesn't agree with the value of "courier" compiled into
the wrapper.
According to the mailman INSTALL document, one can configure mailman at
build time to accept any one of a set of groups specified in the
--with-mail-gid, but putting these in a quoted, space-spearted list as
arguments to the configure script doesn't work, and reading the code, I
don't see where such a multiple-name lookup is supported since the wrapper
uses a single strcmp call for the comparison.  Does this feature work?  If
so, what's the exact syntax for the target for --with-mail-gid required to
make this happen?

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