[Mailman-Users] Headers and Footers - Need Help

Mike Phillips mmlist at mikephillips.com
Tue Jul 6 01:55:37 CEST 2004

(Sorry if this post is a repeat. The first time I posted it, it never showed up on my computer.)

I need to set up a mailing list with the following characteristics. I'm not
sure if MailMan can handle it.

1. Email sent to list at domain.com. (no problem)
2. List sends emails to 55 recipients. (no problem)
3. Email contains name, city/state, and email address (no problem)
4. Outgoing emails have several paragraphs of text pre-entered (no problem),
5. The last three lines of the outgoing message are the name, city/state,
and email address. (problem)

Is there a way to have a standard amount of text as a header such that the
information contained in the incoming email is appended to the header and,
in fact, appears as a footer?

I have created the exact result I need except that the name, city/state, and
email address appear at the head of the message, as it should.



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