[Mailman-Users] Admin commands via email

Jolin M Warren JolinWarren at OakandApple.org
Tue Jul 6 15:54:37 CEST 2004

At 11:53 on 6-7-04, Brad Knowles wrote:
>  	However, I do not know what the equivalent commands would be 
> from the command-line, or how you could achieve the same 
> functionality via the e-mail interface.  Is there a reason why you 
> don't do this through the web interface?

I'm also interested in the exact same functionality (direct 
(un)subscription of users via email), so I'll answer what my reason 
is. I am often dealing with membership issues for my mailing lists 
whilst on the train. At these times, I don't have Internet 
connectivity (but I download my email before leaving home). It is 
very convenient to queue up emails subscribing new users instead of 
waiting until I next have an Internet connection and going through 
the web. This way, I can deal with it on the train when I'm working 
through my email and I can forget about it (because the requests just 
go off the next time I check my mail).

The other reason this would be useful is because it can be a lot 
faster if I am subscribing one set of users to multiple email lists 
and unsubscribing a different set from different lists. I get sent a 
list of addresses, so using a text editor and grep it is very easy to 
prepare an email to carry out the various activities (instead of 
waiting to have an Internet connection and then using multiple web 

Hope that helps to explain why an administrative email interface can be useful.


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