[Mailman-Users] Maintainer (Subset of Admin) Access to Web Interface

Eric Martin emm at ams.org
Tue Jul 6 21:22:54 CEST 2004

I have a list maintainer that is admittedly not very technical.  He 
needs to be able to manage list membership, but gets confused (read: can 
cause damage) when presented with all the menu options on the admin web 
interface to MailMan.  Is there a recommended way to control access to 
only a subset of the admin controls for certain users, say, who only 
want to see the Membership Management page without seeing the links to 
the other list configuration options?  I know I can manually edit the 
python scripts, but I'm wondering if there isn't already a system in 
place to do this, or someone that's already done this.  Thanks,


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