[Mailman-Users] Conversion considerations?

malgosia askanas (staff) askanas at panix.com
Wed Jul 7 18:02:27 CEST 2004

As I mentioned yesterday, our company is in the process of contemplating 
the conversion of our listserver from majordomo to Mailman.  

We currently host about 550 lists.  The largest list has about 77,000 members;
the second largest, about 33,000 members.   There are about 1000 messages 
sent to our lists daily.  

We would be running Mailman with Postfix under NetBSD.

What kinds of problems -- performance and otherwise -- would we be likely to 
run into if we switch to Mailman?  I have seen some past discussions of 
Mailman performance problems on the Web, but many of them are pretty old.
What are the current problems?  Could you-all aid my foresight by sharing 
with me your wisdom about this? 

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