[Mailman-Users] defining topics

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jul 8 02:41:21 CEST 2004

Christopher Adams wrote:

>I would like to set up some topics and allow subscribers to subscribe to 
>topics of their choice. So, I have set up one called 'Licensing'. The 
>Regular Expression is simply Licensing. I have 2 current subscribers. 
>One (me) is subscribed to the Licensing topic. The other is not. When I 
>send out the message, the body looks like this:
>Blah blah..blah..blah..blah
> From the documentation, I assume that all that has to happen is that if 
>in the first 5 lines (the default) of the message body, the string 
>Licensing is found, the message will be sent to me since I am subscribed 
>to Licensing

according to the VARHELP,

topics_bodylines_limit (topics): How many body lines should the topic
matcher scan?

The topic matcher will scan this many lines of the message body looking
for topic keyword matches. Body scanning stops when either this many
lines have been looked at, or a non-header-like body line is
encountered. By setting this value to zero, no body lines will be
scanned (i.e. only the Keywords: and Subject: headers will be
scanned). By setting this value to a negative number, then all body
lines will be scanned until a non-header-like line is encountered.

Apparently the line

in the body of the message is not a "header-like" line. try
 Topic: Licensing
 Keywords: Licensing

>but not to the subscriber that is not subscribed to the 
>topic. Both of us have the option to receive message without topics 
>turned off.

If a user is not subscribed to any topics, the option to not receive
messages with no topic is ignored. Thus the other user should receive
the post until s/he subscribes to at least one topic.

>The result is the opposite of what I would expect. I don't get the 
>message, but the address not subscribed to the topic does. I have done 
>this consistently and can't figure out what might be the problem.

I think the result is correct - you don't receive the post because it
doesn't match the Licensing topic because the "Licensing" line is not
"keyword-like", and the other user receives all posts because s/he
isn't subscribed to any topics.

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