[Mailman-Users] Moving beyond the Newsletter FAQ

Ben M. Swihart ben at spiritguardian.com
Thu Jul 8 22:50:06 CEST 2004

Your suggestion appears to be:

For every user who wishes to subscribe to the newsletter an admin (me or
my client) must go to a web page and manually add them, one at a time. 

This is completely unviable.  Either I am harassing my very busy client
to add members manually or I am spending valuable time (for which I'm
certain I could never bill the client) doing this task myself .  If
there is not a way for users to add themselves to a one-way newsletter
mode of mailman, it's simply not practical.

Thank you for your reply,


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On Jul 8, 2004, at 4:28 PM, Ben M. Swihart wrote:

> Hello,
> I am using mailman exclusively as a newsletter/announce delivery
> system.
> Only one specified e-mail account can post to my lists and they are
> one-way posts only.
> I've read the helpful FAQ on the subject and I have gotten my "mailman

> newsletter" up and running.  My problem is, though, since no-one but 
> the moderator can actually post, how do I add new subscribers?  Is 
> there a
> way to send commands via e-mail from the moderator?   I believe I am
> bound to management via e-mail because I'm unable to execute mailman 
> commands with a php script - the permissions are too strict, and I'm 
> sure it's for good reason.

The admin generally would do it through the built-in web interface. 
Subscribers should be able to go to the listinfo page and attempt to 
subscribe or attempt it through the -request, -join and -subscribe 

As far as I know there are no admin tools available through email 
beyond the 'who' command.


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