[Mailman-Users] New Lists not being displayed

Will Nordmeyer will at willspc.net
Fri Jul 9 01:09:52 CEST 2004

Hi, I saw this question was asked April 4, 2003, but was unable to find an
answer to it.  


I was using mailman V2.1.4, just upgraded to V2.1.5.  The last 2 mailing
lists created under V2.1.4 aren't showing up on the listinfo pages for the
websites in question.  I can go to www.domain.com/mailman/listinfo/lista and
can access it, but when I go to www.domain.com/mailman/listinfo it doesn't
show as a list.  The permissions have it set to be an advertised list on the
server though.


Any ideas?



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