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>Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Web accessibility
>Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 22:26:41 -0700
>Brad Knowles wrote:
>>I have been informed that many visually challenged people use
>>Internet Explorer instead of Netscape...
>Internet Explorer is used because of a development hook built into it
>called MS Active Accessibility which allows screen access software to
>gather information about the page which is normally not provided in
>the rendered page.  I have read that Foxfire which apparently looks
>much like IE is going to be implementing MSAA or something similar,
>but this is only rumor at this point and has certainly not been done
>>and while some advanced features may be turned off, others (like
>>Javascript) are apparently typically kept turned on because many
>>pages require them.
>Actually, I have left the default IE settings and not turned anything
>off.  As I said, MSAA allows my screen access software to "speak" the
>text quite well and it provides additional information such as
>announcing links and visited links, images, form fields, and so on.
>>Nevertheless, this is for a given subset of the visually
>>challenged community.  For people who are completely blind, this
>>method probably won't work and alternative methods would have to be
>Not true.  As I said, with MSAA, pages which conform to the W3C
>specifications are easily rendered by speech access software.  Of
>course, anyone with enough vision to require only magnification rather
>than speech access would not need any special rendering of the page.
>In these cases, the most common need is the ability to adjust colors
>to a higher contrast.
>To answer the specific question about Mailman pages, they are
>perfectly accessible.  I have no problems with them whatsoever.
>Jeff, the Ultra guy
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