[Mailman-Users] headers

powercat at verizon.net powercat at verizon.net
Thu Jul 15 19:16:44 CEST 2004

I am currently running an announce list via Smartlist.  The "to" field on the recipient's e-mail is the name of the list (just like on this Mailman discussion list).

So here is my question:  with Mailman can the script be set to display the individual's e-mail address on the "to" field?

In other words, subscriber joe @ somewhere . com gets an e-mail from the list with his address (only) in the "to" field, and bill @ elsewhere . com gets his address (only) in the "to" field, and so on.

Mojo Mail (free or nearly free) can do this but to do a send reuqires a log-in to a control screen.

Why do I care?  I have about 100 (opt-in!) subscribers and about half aren't getting the e-mails.  I know several ISPs dump the messages into the spam bin because of the headers.  The lack of individualized addressing is a problem (we aren't on any blacklists).


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