[Mailman-Users] Bug or unintentional feature? msg_header/footer becomes MIME part with content filtering

JP Hindin jplist at kiwigeek.com
Sun Jul 18 00:36:32 CEST 2004

Greetings all;

One of our customers discovered what appears to be a rather odd happening
in our install of MM 2.1.4.

When content filtering is turned on AND the message has had an attachment
scrubbed, any msg_header and/or msg_footer's suddenly become their own
MIME part.
If there is no attachment, the header/footers are inserted as normal. If
content filtering is turned off, header/footers are normal.
When there are no header/footers, no additional MIME parts are inserted.

This creates a rather screwy message for their eMail clients
(headers/footers can appear as attachments), and is naturally

What's the solution, oh wise ones? (Asides from having no headers/footers)
Is this fixed in 2.1.5, is it not a recognised bug? Am I missing

Thanks for your help;

JP Hindin

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